Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Download Aplikasi Colornote .APK

One way that many people do is recorded as a reminder , record everything that is important to use the classic media typically use a small book . However , the booklet is now commonly referred to as notebooks or are no longer widely used is replaced with a tool that feels more simple , especially if it is not mobile . If you include people who often write a note , you may need to try ColorNote Notepad Notes application on your Android device .

ColorNote Notepad Notes is a simple application , but in it there are interesting things you'll find . Through this application , you can write a memo , email , message , shopping lists , schedules and other records in case you think are important . With ColorNote Notepad Notes app , the notes you will not look mediocre and boring , because you can combine it with attractive colors .

Rules to make a record quite easily , how:

  • Click " Add Note" Â ? then select the type of record you want to create . There are two types of records :
  • Text Note : In this type of record you enter any text you want .
  • Check List : In this type of record you made a few items to make up a list by clicking " Add item " Â .
  • Make a note title ( if you do not make the title , the first word that you wrote is considered as a title ) .
  • To make it look attractive , choose colors for your notes , available in 9 colors here . You do not have to worry if some of your notes using the same color , it will be easy to identify.
  • Once you create a title and color , you can continue to make a good record of the schedule of activities and shopping list .
Some features of ColorNote Notepad Notes applications include:
  • Organize notes by color
  • Set up a schedule in calendar
  • Protect your notes by using the passcode
  • Reminder on status bar
  • Quick memo / notes
  • Share notes via SMS or email
  • The selection of colors for the categories of records

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Download Clean Master .Apk, Applications For Accelerate The Performance Of The Smartphone

Clean Master is a cleaning application all- in-one on Android to clean the cache, unused files, the remaining files, search history , and applications that are already in the uninstall . With this application users can also kill running Tasks and releases more RAM to improve performance and save your smartphone battery.

Here is what the Clean Master for Android you can do:

EraserHistory History Eraser will help you clear the cache and residual files easily and just one click CLEAN. On Android devices, the cache and the rest of the files are generally about the size of hundreds of MB or even GB.

PrivacyPrivacy apps are essential for every Android user . Clean Master can perform deletion of messages and can also delete browser data, clipboard data and history data from other applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Spotify, Pinterest, Line, and others.

KillerTask task running in the background not only occupy RAM system, but also make your battery run out quickly. Task Killer to kill apps and release more RAM to speed up your Android device. Root permission is not required, but if given permission Task Killer root, it will perform better.

ManagerApp Manager app consists of an uninstaller and backup assistant . Clean Master offers you to uninstall applications easily with just one click. You can also backup files to the SD card and then reinstalling using the App Manager installer.

Full Features List:

History Eraser

Clean cache [li] Clean residual files

Privacy Protection.
  • Clean the selected messages (SMS&MMS) Clean selceted call logs
  • Clean Google search history
  • Clear Clipboard Data

Protect the privacy of other app such as WeChat, whatsapp, etc.

Kill running tasks/release RAM/1Tap Boost 

Application manager
  • Uninstaller 
  • Backup

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Users Are Now Coud Free Unlimited Streaming On Spotify, With No Restrictions At All

Good news for Spotify users; service is very popular music streaming is finally abolish rules limit hours for service users with a free account. 

Previously, users will get a free service trial opportunity for a full 6 months, and they can listen to their favorite songs of various kinds for free without any restrictions at all hours. After a 6-month period expires, the user will get a free service only ration streaming songs for a few hours each month. 

Now, with these new rules, you will be able to enjoy Spotify back just like when you are still in a trial period. This new rule applies to the entire platform, both iOS, Android and the desktop . But as the old saying goes, nothing is really free in this world. This free service will come with advertising inserts , so do not be surprised if suddenly appear ad you want to avoid when listening to your favorite playlist. 

This decision was apparently taken after Beats announced their plans to launch a new streaming music service in the U.S. by the end of January. Beats owned service is not accompanied with a free version of the service, and after the user completes their trial period, the choice of staying subscribe or lose their accounts Beats services.

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The United States Military Will Be Armed 'Smart' Riffle?

Still remember the TrackPoint Linux-powered riffle? TrackPoint, a firearm company based technology housed in Texas recently reported that the U.S. military has purchased six units of 'smart' riffle. This does not mean the U.S. military is not proficient in shooting but 'Smart' riffle with computerized support can help the shooter to be more right on target. 

TrackPoint 'smart' weapons riffle is equipped with computerized Linux based on the binocular lens that functions as a sensor. Such sensors can provide weather information, wind speed and slope of the land into a number of important factors shoot. All you need do users 'smart' riffle just mark a target, and then read the position of firearms through binocular lenses that have been embedded computer before pressing the trigger.

With the sophistication of the technology used 'smart' riffle is available in several models sold at a price not cheap . Price six 'smart' riffle were reportedly purchased by the U.S. military each between $10,000 to $27,000. Well.. still curious about the continuation of 'smart' riffle purchased the U.S. military?.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jual Kue Kering Istimewa Wangi Wisman Butter untuk Imlek 2014

Hari raya imlek biasanya momen yang tepat untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga tercinta, Namun jangan lupa, yang wajib ada di meja keluarga Anda adalah kue kering istimewa wangi wisman butter, tentunya kue kering yang dijual di icon wink Jual Kue Kering Istimewa Wangi Wisman Butter untuk Idul Adha yang sudah terkenal enak rasanya.

Berikut list kue kering untuk imlek yang dijual di toko kami. Silakan klik pada link-nya untuk mengetahui deskripsi dan harganya:
760C9FC2 / 322EFDC3
Hotline :
081222252594 / 082218494352
SMS Center :
081222252594 / 082218494352

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Kue kering imlek 2014 memang selalu banyak dicari. Kue kering untuk imlek 2014 tentunya harus kue kering yang istimewa, selain rasanya yang enak, lembut dilidah, juga aroma wisman butter yang khas.

Seperti biasa pada tahun-tahun sebelumnya, kami selalu menyediakan kue kering istimewa untuk hari raya imlek Anda, berikut list kue kering yang kami sediakan untuk imlek 2014:
NB: Kue kering / Cookies kami tidak hancur pada saat pengiriman, karena cookies dibungkus menggunakan plastik, satu per satu dan dikemas sedemekian rupa sehingga tetap aman.
Jika Anda ingin memesan kue kering untuk imlek2014 di, silakan hubungi No. Kontak kami berikut ini:
Hotline :
SMS Center :


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