Thursday, January 16, 2014

Users Are Now Coud Free Unlimited Streaming On Spotify, With No Restrictions At All

Good news for Spotify users; service is very popular music streaming is finally abolish rules limit hours for service users with a free account. 

Previously, users will get a free service trial opportunity for a full 6 months, and they can listen to their favorite songs of various kinds for free without any restrictions at all hours. After a 6-month period expires, the user will get a free service only ration streaming songs for a few hours each month. 

Now, with these new rules, you will be able to enjoy Spotify back just like when you are still in a trial period. This new rule applies to the entire platform, both iOS, Android and the desktop . But as the old saying goes, nothing is really free in this world. This free service will come with advertising inserts , so do not be surprised if suddenly appear ad you want to avoid when listening to your favorite playlist. 

This decision was apparently taken after Beats announced their plans to launch a new streaming music service in the U.S. by the end of January. Beats owned service is not accompanied with a free version of the service, and after the user completes their trial period, the choice of staying subscribe or lose their accounts Beats services.

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