Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Download Aplikasi Colornote .APK

One way that many people do is recorded as a reminder , record everything that is important to use the classic media typically use a small book . However , the booklet is now commonly referred to as notebooks or are no longer widely used is replaced with a tool that feels more simple , especially if it is not mobile . If you include people who often write a note , you may need to try ColorNote Notepad Notes application on your Android device .

ColorNote Notepad Notes is a simple application , but in it there are interesting things you'll find . Through this application , you can write a memo , email , message , shopping lists , schedules and other records in case you think are important . With ColorNote Notepad Notes app , the notes you will not look mediocre and boring , because you can combine it with attractive colors .

Rules to make a record quite easily , how:

  • Click " Add Note" Â ? then select the type of record you want to create . There are two types of records :
  • Text Note : In this type of record you enter any text you want .
  • Check List : In this type of record you made a few items to make up a list by clicking " Add item " Â .
  • Make a note title ( if you do not make the title , the first word that you wrote is considered as a title ) .
  • To make it look attractive , choose colors for your notes , available in 9 colors here . You do not have to worry if some of your notes using the same color , it will be easy to identify.
  • Once you create a title and color , you can continue to make a good record of the schedule of activities and shopping list .
Some features of ColorNote Notepad Notes applications include:
  • Organize notes by color
  • Set up a schedule in calendar
  • Protect your notes by using the passcode
  • Reminder on status bar
  • Quick memo / notes
  • Share notes via SMS or email
  • The selection of colors for the categories of records

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