Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Tim Cook Toughest Challenge For 16 Months Led Apple

Timothy D. Cook or you know as Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple Inc., Substitute Steve Jobs. Getting soft position at Apple, Cook picked by Jobs before he died last year and now has 16 months Cook ran Apple. Under his leadership, Apple released the iPhone 2, 3 iPad and value stocks that rose to 43%. But the 16-month career is not easy because of the fact that Cook passed to deal with many difficulties and challenges. What is it?

1. Management broke down Scott Forstall is one of the great people who owned Apple. Men are also known as 'protege' Steve Jobs so you can imagine how his abilities. However, on the other hand many of his colleagues refer to it as an annoying person. Bias on Forstall has long blows, m ulai of its overly ambitious, hard working with colleagues, selfish, etc.. And the climax when an error occurs in the iOS Maps some time ago. Touted refused to apologize on iDevices users, even with all the considerations Cook finally had to fire Forstall.

2. Chaotic iOS Maps Apple originally used as a substitute for iOS Maps Google Maps that have been thrown out of iOS devices. But the effort does not seem to Cook the sweet fruit as iOS Maps actually look very bad and scary and worth mentioning as a product failure. For this, Cook put the agency with a written apology for the poor Apple Maps app for all iDevices users.

3. Chaotic Foxconn worker The bad news is slanted tekait treatment Foxconn management against the workers is not new. Known as an assembler Foxconn Apple products back into the spotlight this year when the world discovered many underage workers and inhuman, such as working overtime without extra pay, it's happening in China factory. Cook intervened by visiting China in March 2012 and signed audit by the Fair Labor Association.

4. Babble Mike Daisey Foxconn workers melancholy tale that is always associated with Apple continues to taper when the artist monologue, Mike Daisey, staged a show called This American Life. In the monologue performances, Mike the details tell the story of Foxconn workers experienced heartbreaking, given before he had ever been to Foxconn China. Inevitably, the show is back Mike tarnish the face of Apple as the party deemed responsible for the fate of workers Foxconn.

5. Leaked iPhone spread out before release Unlike Steve Jobs era that emphasizes confidentiality, Cook era seem unable to stem the number of leaked iPhone 5 circulating on the internet before its release. Of course most of the leaks were sourced from China sites while the U.S. claims Apple still adhere to the culture Jobs in maintaining the confidentiality of a new product. The bottom line, Cook did not seem to be anticipating the release of leakage, seepage is: one thing that is not likely to happen in the leadership of Jobs.

6. iPad Mini The late Steve Jobs is known to be strongly opposed to a smaller tablet than the iPad (9.7 "). But in the era of Cook, iPad Mini 7.9 "emerged in response to the success of Android tablets like the Galaxy Tab 7, Amazon Kindle Fire is also Google's Nexus 7. Although touted before his death Jobs had approved Apple producing 7-inch tablet but it remains a unique debate how to cook through the release of the iPad Mini has to 'fight' views beginnings Jobs on 7-inch tablet. But this time because the iPad Mini Cook very successful public interest, even defeating the iPad 4.

7. Apple Campus One of the relics of Jobs that has not materialized is a new building for the office of Development Apple called Apple Spaceship Campus or Apple Campus 2. Regarding the broader construction of the Pentagon military headquarters, it appears that Cook had to be very clever to negotiate with the local municipality because the parties have not signed a development agreement Apple Campus 2 so that the construction of which has been confirmed delayed scheduled.

Well, that's 7 things tough facing Tim Cook for 16 months served as CEO of Apple Inc. To know more about Tim Cook, you can read the article "5 Interesting Things About Tim Cook, Apple CEO Steve Jobs Successor."

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